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It was a long and tiring drive back to the French Capital and we had to stop along the way to give poor Olaf a rest and for Thomas to take over the driving duties. We got into Paris at around 6:30-7AM. Thomas dropped me off right by my hotel. I staggered in half asleep, […]

We parked up the cars and walked though the town square, down a little street and into ‘Delirium‘. The first thing that strikes you as you walk into Delirium, is that all the glasses are of different shapes and sizes. Eric and Rachel ordered a local beer called ‘Kwak‘. Now Kwak is a very strong […]

And so on to Brussels the bureaucratic heart of the EU, Chocolate, Waffles, Frites, and er….really bad roads! We met up at Anvers promptly at 11 and set off out of Paris and onto the autoroute through the fields of the Somme and past Waterloo en route to our destination – Le Botanique (pic below) […]

Last weekend I took a trip over the English Channel to visit some good friends of mine in Paris. Thomas and Olaf had arranged for us to see one of our favourite bands – Midlake. “Who are Midlake?” I hear you ask! Well, Midlake are an alternative rock band who have two albums and an […]