Midlake in Paris and Brussels (Part 3)


We parked up the cars and walked though the town square, down a little street and into ‘Delirium‘.
The first thing that strikes you as you walk into Delirium, is that all the glasses are of different shapes and sizes. Eric and Rachel ordered a local beer called ‘Kwak‘. Now Kwak is a very strong beer (About 8%) and is dark brown in appearance. It comes in a very odd shaped glass, very similar to a small yard of ale, and has to be hung on a kind of rack as the glass has a bulbous bottom to it. According to Wikipedia:

The glass apparently originated in the days of the stage coach. Travellers would often stop at an inn for refreshment, but the coachmen were required to stay with the coach and horses. Standard handled mugs were impractical for gloved coachmen sitting high up, so one enterprising innkeeper, Pauwel Kwak, had a special glass created for his beer. Its shape enabled it to be hung on the coach and be easily held in a thick glove.

Here is Eric with his ‘Kwak’
Eric and Beer
We had a blast drinking our beer there, but poor Olaf and Thomas could not really drink as they were driving later. I felt so guilty as my driving license was at home in Wales, and even if I had brought it along, I was not insured to drive abroad as I had not stipulated it in my holiday insurance (I was not to know we were off to Brussels).
We chatted to some of Ludos Belgian friends who were also at the show and were more than pleased to see Eric and Mckenzie with us. I sat down next to Peter the sound guy(pic below), amazingly enough he is the first Dutchman I have ever met who disliked football!
Soon it was time to go as it was getting late and Mckenzie and Eric had to be back at the tour bus before it left for Sweden. We said our long goodbyes and promises to meet again and went in search of food with our Beligian friends. They took us to a little restaraunt/takeaway where we ordered some delicious Giros (Kebabs). We had not eaten for a while and those kebabs were fantastic, topped off with some famous Belgian ‘Frites’ they were awesome!
It was then time to head back to the car and make our long journey back south to Paris and at long last our beds.
To be continued in Part 4…….

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